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Marlene's Journey:


My journey started in 1994, when the medical practice had given up on my husband’s health issues. They told him to sell our new home, and find a ground floor apartment with wheelchair access. In their opinion, by the age of 50 years old, he would be in one. This was news we were not prepared to live with. This is when we decided to embark on a different path.


We learned about our chiropractor’s wife, who was teaching an alternative health course. This course would teach us how to regain his optimum health again.

This is when natural health was introduced to us. This has given us a whole new lease on life. We are so thankful for this new-found knowledge and for all the teachers we have had over the years.

Did this cost us money out-of-pocket? YES. Do we regret it? NO.

So many of us accept what is handed out to us by the medical profession, and say, “these are the cards I have been dealt,” and live with that. Just think what our life would have been, had we decided to go the medical route. Meds, upon meds, and no life.

Today, when I look at all our clients, I see that they have QUALITY of life, not just QUANTITY of life. IT MAKES MY HEART SING!

I think you owe it to yourself to give your health a fighting chance.


With over 20 years experience, we can provide healthy programs and education for the furry members of your family too!

Children and Adult

We provide natural health services for both children and adults. Whatever your age, we can help you achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


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We have take Eastern and Western healing approaches and combined them to assist in determining the root causes of imbalances, which interfere with the body’s natural ability to restore balance and healing.

We offer 15 minutes over the phone to discuss your health issues and so that you can decide if you are open to natural health. You then have the option to book a  consultation with Marlene. An initial consultation takes approximately 90 minutes.

Following the initial consultation, clients are put on a 4 month Health and Wellness Plan to bring the body back into a healthy state of balance. Once this is achieved, a Maintenance Plan is suggested to keep the body working at it's best.

Pet consultations are also available. 

For more information on these, and other services provided, please visit the Services page.

17138 Hwy 62, Eldorado, Ontario, K0K 1Y0 

Tel: 613-473-2395

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