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About Evergreen Acres Wellness

Marlene and Hans Pietschmann


In 1990 – Marlene studied Animal Science through ICS in Montreal. She has since learned how to use herbs and nutrition for pets, and has a successful animal practice in alternative health.


The Pietschmanns started an investigation into alternative health in 1994 to help Hans with his health issues. At this time, the doctors had given up and told them to sell everything and find a ground floor apartment, as by the age of 50 he would be in a wheelchair. This was news they were not prepared to sit with, so off they went in search of a different venue. Alternative health has given them a whole, new, healthy lease on life and they have never looked back.

The first challenge was to get his health back on track. It took 3 years, but with the new education Marlene has received, she is able to have people regain their health at a much faster pace than their journey took.

At the Holistic Wellness Centre, Marlene and Hans will focus on getting to the root cause of your issue, and getting your health back in balance.


“When we hear a client say, ‘what a difference these herbs are making, I have more energy & I feel so much healthier since starting this program,’ this is music to our ears that another person has been helped to achieve a healthier and happier lifestyle.” – Marlene Pietschmann


The Holistic Wellness Centre has been built over the years by word of mouth.

1997 – The Pietschmanns started their studies in alternative health and this has taken them down some interesting roads. They started out by learning the body systems and their herbal applications, and then acquired courses in Chinese herbal remedies, Kinesiology, and Healthy Pets with Herbs   


1998 – Herbs A-Z, Immune and respiratory systems and herbs, Nervous systems and herbs, Glandular systems and herbs


1999 – National Health Conference (3 days in Ottawa, Ontario with Dr. Whitaker), The Art of Alternative Medicine in the 21st Century (Belleville, Ontario), Therapeutic Touch (All 3-levels, 2000), Chinese Herbs and How They Work, Ear Candling: The Application of Using and Making Ear Candles, National Health Conference (3 days in Whistler B.C.), Herbal Studies: Understanding Chinese Constitutions with Master Herbalist, Steven Horne


2001 – Basic Aromatherapy, Aromatherapy for Body Mind and Spirit with Lorissa Jones (Toronto, Ontario), Introduction to Iridology (Belleville), Common Ailments and Their Herbal Remedies (Eldorado, Ontario)

National Health Conference (3 days in Ottawa, Ontario), Herbal Studies: Application of Singe Herbs


2003 – Energy Work with Master Reiki Practitioner Mona Germain, Level 1 Reiki, Level 2 Reiki & Masters in Reiki, Herbal Studies (3 days in Kingston, Ontario)


2004 – Conference:  Health Ailments and Their Herbal Application’s (4 days in Toronto, Ontario), Herbal Studies: The Immune Systems (3 days in Montréal, Quebec)


2005 – Conference (4 days in Niagara Falls, Ontario), DR. Mom DR. Dad (Herbal First Aid for the Family)


2006 – Health Conference- (3 days in Las Vegas) Herbs for a Child's Health


2007 – Traditional Chinese Herbs for Modern Times (Toronto, Ontario), Importance of Herbs (3 days in Mont. Sainte Anne, Quebec)


2008 – Health Conference (3 days in Whistler, BC)


2009 – Health Conference (3 days in Niagara Falls, Ontario)


2011 – Health Conference (3 days in Monte Tramblay, Quebec)


2012 – Health Conference (3 days in Toronto Ontario)


2014 – Health Conference (3 days in Ottawa, Ontario)


2015 – Health Conference (3 days in Montreal, Quebec)

Our goal is to stay educated on the application of Herbs and Natural Supplements. 

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