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Chronic and "Incurable" Illness

Chronic Illness is:  

 A long term illness with no hope of restoration to good health.

Incurable is:
An illness with no hope of restoration to good health.

Many diseases that are still classified as chronic or incurable are only categorized this way in the medical field or by establishments because they have no medical cures from the pharmaceutical companies as of yet.

The drug companies are very busy creating drugs that will help you to manage your illness for many years, which creates huge profits for them if you remain sick.

Generating profit for the shareholders results in a lack of incentive to develop drugs that could actually cure some of the diseases that are now being managed with pharmaceuticals.

The other reasons no cures have been developed for many chronic diseases, is that the cures are not possible with drugs.

The big problem with management drugs, is that they soon lose their effectiveness and usually cause side effects that require other medications for management of those symptoms. This is where the snow ball effect begins.

Did you know that in 2003, Statistics Canada published statistics of the death rate due to medication, totaling over 1% of the Canadian population. That is about 30,000 people killed EVERY YEAR because of interactions of prescribed drugs. In many cases these deaths could have been avoided.

But there is a bright side. Did you know that there is no record of herbs used as nutritional supplements, according to Statistics Canada, hurting anyone! What choice will you make?












“After many years of practicing alternative health, I have developed some healing protocols using nutrition (some diet change), supplements, and herbal Formulas.
Clients using these protocols with previous incurable and chronic disease are now living a healthy and happy life. They have completely recovered, or are in remission.

Just as important as remission, is the learning process which gives each participant the tools to completely regain and maintain good health, through self-awareness and prevention.

My husband was told by doctors, that by the age of 50 he would be in a wheelchair. I have personally seen him experience complete recovery from Arthritis, chronic fatigue, Fibromyalgia, degeneration of his lower back, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).                .

I, myself, have also had chronic fatigue and no longer suffer with it.

Our Clinic sees about 60% of clients for chronic fatigue and Fibromyalgia, with 100% recovery when clients follow the program set out for them. Most of the natural healing programs require some dietary adjustments, along with taking herbal supplements. When the healing is complete, you may still need to use a few supplements to keep the body in balance." - Marlene Pietschmann

For chronic and/or incurable diseases, most of the healing (60-70%) can and usually happen in the first 4- 6 months, but complete recovery may take up to one year. It takes time to bring the body back into complete harmony. It has been our observation that you were not born with most diseases, they have developed over a period of time.    Remember you did not get into this situation with your health overnight, although the symptoms may seem to have appeared overnight. It took you time to get sick, and it will take time to get well. 

Do you have questions? We have answers! 

Book your consultation today and begin your journey toward better health.

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