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Hans J. Pietschmann

Mentor, Teacher, Student, Author

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Hans J. Pietschmann has spent much of his personal and professional life experiencing and learning how to manifest and build on the tools and abilities to create the best of what life has to offer.

Image: The Alchemist by Andrew Farley



Stay tuned for a list of workshops and events hosted by Hans. Topics include:

Learn How to Test Your Energies

Apprentice Psychic

Psychic Development

Learn to Dowse



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Are you living a life where you are using the most of your super abilities? Do you know what your super abilities are and have you been able to tap into them. 

Hans Pietschmann shows you the key to opening the doors to new and exciting adventures and will help you tap into your birthright to get the most out of your super abilities.


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We all have latent abilities that are waiting to be recognized and developed. The Apprentice Psychic Class will help you identify, learn about, acknowledge and begin to develop the abilities you already have inside of you. 

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Take control of your present and future income so that your money and sweat equity start working for you. The type of investing described in this book will give you different streams of income from each house that you buy and rent out. You too can decide to get off the JOB bus and start allowing money to work for you.


Available in print. Order your copy today!

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