Herbal Remedies for This Season's Colds and Flus

As we head into the cooler months, let's talk a bit about the Immune system. Colds and viruses are on the rise at this time of year. Are you aware that flu shots only address the virus it was made from and does not help with over 40 other viruses that cause colds and flu? In our home we have all natural products herbal based that work wonders for those nasty viruses.

Are you also aware antibiotics do not work for viruses, that is why you hear people say I did a round of antibiotics and it has not gone away and the medical practice has nothing for viruses unfortunately they think antibiotics are the answer? We use herbal remedies that work wonders on viruses and colds.

Antibiotics were designed for bacterial issues not virus issues. You will have results if taking an antibiotic for a bacterial issue. That is where you will hear people say I took the antibiotic and it worked and that is because you were actually dealing with a bacterial infection not a virus as thought. We use an all natural antibiotic that works great for those bacteria infections and believe me it works wonders and has no side effects and we just experienced it for Hans's Mom. She had gone to visit the grandchildren and their children for a week and because of the time of year the children had sniffles and this time she also picked up the cold. A few days in her throat was starting to flare up as well so we gave her our natural antibiotic and in just 24 hours sore throat was gone and her voice started to come back. We decided to get some herbal remedies into us immediately and therefore did not get the cold.

If you need any advice on viruses, colds, bacterial issues please email me or call and I will gladly help with advice. Now if you think you would be interested in using the natural products I work with please contact me and I will guide you on how to use them. Any product I would recommend for you is safe to take with even medications. I do not use products that interfere with medications.

**This article was presented at a previous date.**

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