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Autumn, Winter -Those Aches and Pains

Autumn is such a beautiful time of year with all the leaves in their beautiful colours for us to enjoy. Then we had thanksgiving to enjoy with all our family and friends. We are so blessed to live in such a great country and time. Our generation has not had to deal with war, famine, and so many of the other problems the generations before us had to deal with. Our generation is so fortunate that even the poor are able to have food, clothes, and a roof over their head to protect them from the elements.

Well, Winter is on its way and unfortunately with it comes the aches and pains of the winter weather.

I found when I was home from May through to the end of September I was able to help many new clients here with aches and pains through simple herbal formulas.

I like to coach people to keep their joints moving even though it hurts or you will seize up. Moving keeps the joints and the muscles limber. Warm showers or a hot bath at the end of a day also relaxes those joints and muscles. I also recommend supplements that help to rid the joints and muscles of inflammation naturally. Many times we think we have arthritis and

really we have muscle inflammation. Are you aware that eating according to your blood type diet will help with inflammation? This is because there is now scientific proof that some foods we eat create inflammation in the body. Take a look at Eat Right For Your Blood Type by Peter D'Adamo. Most of my clients follow this style of eating and have great results. I always say to them eat 90% of the time from the Highly Beneficial and Neutral food list for your blood type and only 10% from the avoid list and the results will surprise you. I tell my clients your health is the result of what you eat most times.

Stress is another factor to take into consideration for your aches and pains believe it or not. Stress is a major reason for so many ailments today. When we are uptight all our muscles tend to contract, get tight and then even sometimes strained and the next day we wonder what did we do to strain that muscle. Next time take note when you are uptight how your muscles are feeling.

For stress relief eat as much of the bright colour fruits and vegetables that you can as they have all the water soluble B’s that your body needs for the nervous system. Some of my clients do not eat enough of these fruits and vegetables but they take a supplement I recommend called Stress Formula that has all the necessary B's to reduce the symptoms of stress. I said to my husband I am so thankful for the career I have to help improve other peoples lives daily with natural remedies that have no side effects. Remember he is a walking example on how herbs and supplements regenerate the body with good nutrition.

Read our story on my website . I am available for advice to keep you strong and healthy through out the winter.

To contact me you can email me or phone me.

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