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How Can I Improve My Life and Lose Weight

Well hello everyone. I hope everyone had a great holiday season and were able to get some good family time in. Our house was a buzzing with all our family 5 children and spouses and grand children visiting.

Holidays over, and back to reality as I say come January first. This is when people look at what they want to accomplish over the next 12 months. For me just getting back home end of May first week of June is usually high on my list now for the past two years. I joke with friends down home the count down is now on and look forward to our time when we can live in Louisbourg most of the year and travel to Ontario just to visit family.

For most people they are looking at how to improve life around them and for themselves personally.

I have many clients now asking me this question, what can I do to give myself a better chance at losing weight? My response is this:

Start with healthy eating.

You need a plan for eating. This is not hard. Just go back to how we raised our children.

Breakfast - you must start your day with breakfast, then mid morning a healthy snack fruit or a handful of nuts.

Lunch - (not MC Donald”s burger) real food you have prepared, mid afternoon another snack as before.

Supper - a good healthy meal (no processed foods). Evenings if you snack make it protein as the body uses it for muscle building and does not get stored as fat.

First and foremost you have to learn to grocery shop in the outside aisle of the supper market and only go down the pet food aisle if you have a pet and the detergent aisle for cleaning products. Every other aisle contains processed foods that literally were not available in our grandparents day.

I tell people if you can buy your meat direct from a farmer,you have a better chance of better quality meat with less preservatives. Lets not forget the vegetables as well. I am fortunate to have half a year down home in Lousibourg as it gives me the opportunity to get fresh seafood caught by our fishermen.

Also important - label reading. It is key especially with food that is canned. Watch for all the extra salt and added sugars the food industry puts in our food. It is not an easy task. I usually buy low sodium or no salt, sugar, MSG, added. I am no different than any one else, I like to indulge in sweets, chocolate and fast foods, it is just the way of life today but if you truly wish to lose weight you need to take the bull by the horns as I say and do it right even if it is not easy. I myself am doing just that this year. This is the year for me to get walking, exercising and giving up junk food. That is just getting back to basics of real food eating like I did for my children.

Can you believe my children did not know what boxed cereal was till I had opened a small variety store and snack bar and had to have it on the shelf. They grew up on cream of wheat, oatmeal, french toast, pancakes and eggs as breakfast . After we opened the store they had the opportunity of Saturday mornings eating boxed cereal once a week as a treat (some treat).

Real food is the answer to weight loss and in moderation. I always say you need to be tough with yourself to get this accomplished. If you are a blood type 0 you need to eliminate all gluten based products for colon health If anyone wants to loose weight I suggest this to them as well because the gluten in wheat slows down your metabolism.

I have clients who I have put on their Blood type Diet this past year and got them just walking for exercise, and they have lost 20 to 30 lbs depending when they started. One client was a diabetic who I worked with to get her blood sugars balanced and she has lost 49 lbs that was from November 2014 through to November 2015. She was dedicated to getting herself off the needle and getting her body balanced and healthy. After seven years of only getting worse on the meds she called me. She is now needle free and meds free. Her doctor cannot believe she is doing so well. Yes and I have other clients who’s Doctors are baffled.

It is all about getting back to basics, get rid of the junk food in our lives and just eat healthy or as a guide use the book Eat Right For Your Blood Type and again have a healthy breakfast ,a mid morning snack, healthy lunch, mid afternoon snack, healthy supper and watch what you eat as snack in the evening. Nuts are a protein. (but no salt) Fluid retention comes from over indulging in salt.

My rule of thumb is once a week have a treat in moderation. For more information on this and other health needs feel free to contact me any time at 613 473 2395.

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