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Dandelions - So Misunderstood

You know it is spring when you are out cleaning up the leaves from fall and you see the yellow heads of colts foot. They come out just before the dandelions in this part of Ontario. They have a root system that travels underground and pop up here and there and all over. I find the little bright yellow flower so invigorating “spring is here ,spring is here”. Very much like how I feel when I see the first Dandelion. It is sad to see how these pretty flowers are killed yearly because as a society we think we need green green lawns and no pretty flowers to mess it up. I am sure while we renovated our rental home at Mitchell Street, Louisbourg, people must have wondered why we took so long to cut the grass at one point,well it was because Hans and I think it is so beautiful the contrast between the green grass and those brilliant yellow flowers.

I guess from what you have read you get the picture I like the Dandelion. The common name Dandelion is from the French “dent de lion' MEANING: teeth of the lion, in reference to the shape of it leaves. I like them for their beauty and their multiple properties. First and foremost I consider it as food. Did you know that every part of the plant is edible?

The Flower, the stem, the leaves and the root can all be eaten.

The Leaves

The leaves are popular in salads today especially if you purchase the packages of spring mix salad.

Are you aware there is more nutritional value in a few dandelion leaves than a whole romaine lettuce? It is because of its deep tuber root that pulls on the minerals and vitamins in the ground. I would many times go out in our yard and get a few leaves, wash them and add to a salad.

The Stems

The stems can be chopped like chives and can also be put in the salad. Were you aware that the white sap in the stem and the root can be used as a topical remedy for warts corns and liver spots? That helps a bit but eating the plant actually helps more.

The Roots

The roots can be picked usually in Spring or Fall and can be made into a tea from the fresh root or can be roasted and made into a coffee substitute. You can also purchase the root from a health store and it is considered very powerful in the field of natural health. It is used to relieve heartburn, cleanse the blood stream and the liver to increase bile production and it improves the function of the kidneys, pancreas, spleen and the stomach. This root is also good for constipation relief. It is useful for chronic toxic conditions such as joint pain,inflammation, gout, eczema and acne.

Nutritional Value

Some people use the dandelion root for its nutritional value.

It is high in iron,magnesium,potassium,phosphorus,sodium,Chlorophyll. Did you know one leave contains 7,000 units of vitamin A per ounce along with vitamins B and C?

The organic sodium found in the dandelion root helps rid the body from deposits of bad sodium from table salt, relieves ulcers, stomach problems and stiffness in the joints and muscles.

I like the way a renowned French Herbalist talks about Dandelion,"You Have a Golden Pharmacy in your yard. The good Lord did not provide this beautiful plant for us to kill with herbicide but to take the hint from mother nature, investigate it's widespread use in helping us have a healthier body."

Remember the next time you spray this wonderful plant you could be killing a very valuable plant you may need one day!! I also have it available in capsule form for anyone interested.

Happy Spring Time

Remember, if you have question we have answers and if not we will find you an answer.

Yours In Health the Natural Way. Marlene

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